Jason Statham as Daredevil?

It's been five years since Daredevil was released and I must say, I actually enjoyed it. It suffered from some dodgy CGI and some dodgy Jennifer Garner and although Ben Affleck played Matt Murdock well, the same couldn't quite be said when he slipped into the red leather and horns. In its favour where the nods and injokes for the fans, the Kingpin, Foggy and the absolutely brilliant Bullseye, a delightful mix of the almost camp attention seeker who made his first appearance under Frank Miller and the psychotic perfectionist he later evolved in.

Should Daredevil be remade? Jason Statham thinks so and would love to take the role as the saviour of Hells Kitchen. A new comic movie starring one of my all time favourite characters always sounds good to me, especially if it's further entrenched in the new Marvel Universe being created throughout the recent and upcoming films. Jason Statham has never been someone who's crossed my mind for the role of Daredevil, but that's more down to my subsconscious swaying away from English actors playing American heroes. He has the moves, as he keeps proving in his many Transporter films, for me he's a bit too built, I always picture Murdock as slightly more slender, not quite Spiderman or Iron Fist, but he's as athletic as someone like Nightwing. Though I'm not completely opposed to the idea, I've looked through several images of him in action (thanks Google) and I'd have to see him suited up first before really making my mind up.

However they go with any new theoretical Daredevil film I'd have to say keep away from Elektra, after Jennifer Garners wooden attempt at bringing one of the worlds most deadly assassins to life failed miserably, twice, I'd treat her as hands off for now. Though I could watch Colin Farrell as Bullseye all day.


Kirk Warren said...

Did you watch the Director's Cut? While I'm one of the few fans of the original cut (it's not THAT bad), the Director's Cut is like a whole other movie in terms of style and tone. Definitely worth checking out if you have any interest in Daredevil or were upset with the theatrical release.

Gemmar said...

Though the pictah made me giggle, Jason Statham as Daredevil is blasphemous.

Lee Nygma said...

Kirk - I've not seen the Director's Cut, but it's pretty reasonably priced so I'm gonna order it now!

Gemma - That was kinda my initial thought, but looking up some pictures of him he doesn't look to bad...whether he can get the voice right for a soft spoken Matt Murdock who grew up in Hells Kitchen and not Peckham would be my main concern!