First post, on my first blog, on my first foray into fully embracing internet culture.

So, specialist subjects? Comics, films and gaming. Other than that posts will mostly concern Lee related things, probably me bitching about work, the weather or anything. I'm English, we complain.

Okay, you've somehow stumbled onto my blog, hopefully the pretty colours momentarily keep your attention, while you're here...tell me, what do you look for in a blog, what makes you come back and keep up to date? Don't make me do a webcomic, I have bad luck with artists.


Kirk Warren said...

Congrats on the new blog. I mostly look for focused topic blogs. While it's great to talk about your job or other random topics once in a while, I usually go to a blog for one thing and one thing only.

If it's a video game blog, I go for video games, not anime, sports, politics and other unrelated topics.

If they are closely related, such as comics, video games, etc, I don't mind getting a variety of topics from the same person, but I dont want to hear about the latest Linux kernal one day, Obama's speech the next, Favre's continual "i'm retiring, no I'm not, yes I am" nonsense the next and finally a comic post at the end of the week.

Typically, even if the writing is good, I don't like every topic in these wide focus blogs and I end up thinking "oh well, it's probably not even going to be comics today, I'll check back tomorrow" and eventually just stop going since I never get what I"m looking for.

Don't let that discourage you though. Blogging is about talking about things you like and want to talk about. It's not something you do to get accolades or approval (well,s ome people do it for that). I'd talk about comics if no one ever came ot my blog and you should talk about whatever you want to talk about on your blog.

Good luck with the blog! The first little while is the hardest, believe it or not. Try not to over do it with a million posts a day and get burned out on it either.

Lee Nygma said...

Thanks for taking my "comment cherry" and looking over my blog. To be honest as long as I can think of topics it will be largely comic related, anything else would be lack of ideas or just trying to build some confidence in my writing. I've never blogged, journalled or posted at great length much online, even the forums I do check out I'm mostly a spectator...or was until I discovered Twitter and it's just kind of spurred me on since.

I'm not here to rack up huge numbers, just for comic fans to see my opinions and post their own in reply.