San Diego Comic Con.

I was there. I may have been 7500 miles away, but in many ways, I was there.

I've never been to a comic convention, I've only ever been to one convention at all and it was fairly small, though hey, I met Face and Murdock from the A-Team! ...I digress, the main convention for comics in the UK is Bristol International Comic Expo closely followed by Birmingham International Comic Show.

Both of which pale in comparison to their bigger, better, brasher American counter parts, especially the Daddy of them all, SDCC.

Though thanks to the Gods of the internet I was able to be right on the floor, hearing the gossip, seeing the sights, watching the videos, hearing the panels and to the people responsible for this, I thank you. Even if you were just able to tweet a few words about who you'd met, or your instant reaction to a panel announcment I could follow it right alongside you on Twitter, Newsarama, The Weekly Crisis and perhaps most fulfillingly, the Marvel team with Jim McCann and Marvel.com editor (twitter legend) Agent M.

Marvel were brilliant, so quick to get news up online and Live Interactive Blogs for every Marvel panel, where we were drip fed news, announcements and hilarity as and when it happened as well as putting up with our stupid questions and even manage to provide us with artwork (credit to Nogs back in NYC for that!).

Altogether this may have only been a taste of the entire event, but that taste has got me hooked and from now on I'll be putting some money aside to ship this Englander o'er the Oceans to sunny San Diego for comic-con '09 where I'll keep as many people up to date as often as I can.

Hopefully some of the people who made this year so fun will be there, I owe them drink/handshake/more stupid questions.

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