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Christmas is only serious business and is now only 4 weeks away today and 4 weeks is not very long at all once you start throwing things in like, seeing the family, over time at work, Christmas parties and, of course...Christmas shopping. Shopping for a comic book fan isn't easy work, they have orders, preorders, specific strategy to their collection and for non-comic book fans even if they're told specifically about which heroes you're collecting and which books you need, most will just glaze over and not have a clue.

So I'll try and give you a few suggestions, with four posts detailing merchandise for two of the biggest comic book movies of the all time and their respective companies.

1) Dark Knight.

For the diehard afficiando:

How about the expensive, yet highly detailed 1/6th scale Dark Knight Move Masterpiece series.
- Dark Knight
- Batmobile
- Joker

Or maybe you prefer to splash your cash on a statue or bust?
- Alex Ross' Batman Dark Crusader
- 1/2 scale Joker Bust

Or for those who want to start their own batcave, you could opt for Batman props and replicas.
- Dark Knight Batarang Set
- JLA Trophy Room Bat-Cuffs Replica
- JLA Trophy Room Jokers Cane Replica
- Dark Knight 12" Grappling Launcher Replica

For the fanboy:

Maybe still a little expensive, but a very cool set that works for more than just the Batfan.
- Dark Knight - Joker Poker Set

A bit more affordable, though not quite a "Masterpiece", still a highly quality figure.
- 13" Deluxe Batman Figure

A smaller bust can still be high quality, besides more than a handful is a waste, eh?
- Joker Mini Bust

I said it's hard to tell what books to get a comic fan, but these Batman Absolute editions are fit for any collection, not something one can afford with the weekly trades and make the perfect holiday present.
- Absolute Dark Knight by Frank Miller
- Absolute Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb
- Absolute Hush by Jeph Loeb

For the branching out movie fan:

They may have already ventured into looking at comics and graphic novels so too much, too soon may scare them off so if you do get a chance to look at their books, if you don't see this it'd the perfect place to start.
- Batman: Year One

Batman is now about 70 years old in terms of comics, if only there was someway to summerise the important aspects of Bruce Waynes life, his villains and maybe throw in a free lead figurine, oh wait. There is.
- DC Comics Superhero Collection 01 - Batman

These Batman Cosbaby's are SO cute, yet still capture the details of the characters they're supposed to represent that they'd make quality gifts for any Batfan.
Choose from Batgirl, Batman Modern, Batman Classic, Robin, Joker, Two Face and Catwoman.
- Batman Cosbabys

The easiest way to push someone over the edge from merely dipping their toe into Bat coloured water is with DVDs and old Bats has plenty of them.
- The Batman 2000s Animated Series Season 1
- The Batman Legacy (The First Four Films)
- Batman Begins (2 Discs)
- The Dark Knight - HMV Exclusive With Comic - Amazon Exclusive Batmask Pack
- Dark Knight Blu-ray
- Dark Knight/Batman Begins Double Pack - DVD - Blu-Ray

When I get chance I'll take a look at Iron Man as well as Marvel and DC.

For more comic merchandise and book deals check out:
- Forbidden Planet (.com)
- Forbidden Planet (.co.uk)
- Book Depository

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