Yeah. I Can Fly

2008 saw the beginnings of what looks to become one of the most impressive series of films laid to celluloid as Marvel blast their way through their A-list characters to build up to an Avengers film and it started with an orphaned billionaire playboy with a fair few tricks up his sleeve. Forget Bruce Wayne and say hello to the suave, witty and down right dapper, Tony Stark. Who, in his own words "I am Iron Man".

So, Iron Man, pretty damn good film, eh? Where do you go from here? Well like my last post dealing with Dark Knight, this time I'll show you some of the things you can buy for the Iron fan out there.

1) For the Iron Man who has everything.

Well, not everything, so let's start from the top, the best piece of Iron Man merchandise you can buy, the 1:1 Iron Man movie bust. Now I wanted to focus on things out in time for Christmas, but this piece is of such quality that just had to be included.

Ok, not to worry, you want a bust in time for Christmas, there's still the 1:2 Iron Man Stealth armour bust. This stunning piece with glowing chest piece and eyes is out now and only a quarter of the price of the full scale bust, plus being smaller you'd still have room left over to cram in some Iron man minimates!

Busts are all well and good, but what you really want is an Iron Man helmet you can put on while making repulsor beam noises, well you can, with the life size, golden replica helmet.

2) For the fanboy:

You want to be a fanboy? Learn your history. Invincible Iron Man Omnibus Hardcover Volume 1, with an Adi Granov variant cover. It's all here, the origins, the letters pages, the covers and of course, Stan Lee.

You love yourself some Iron Man but just don't have the money to invest in a bank breaking bust or piece of memorabilia? Then start saving with monetary advice from a billionaire, while still adding a cool looking piece of kit to your collection, the Talking Iron Man bobble headed bank.

A quality peice of merchandise can be a real talking point for any collection, though finding something cost effective, yet still official isn't always easy, so these 1:4 size miniture replica helmets are perfect.

I try and avoid books as comic book fans could have anything on order, I know I have a list of preorders as long as my arm, including things waiting to come back in stock, but besides the origins there's one more aspect of Tony Starks life worth reading about to get you up to speed and that's his battle against his ultimate devils. Alcoholism. Iron Man - Demon In A Bottle.

3) Seen the movie, love the movie, want some more?

I wasn't a fan of these deformed Super Squad kiddies figures, but they've grown on me and these two packs are cheap and cute enough to make the right kind of impression.
- Iron Man: Hall of Armour 4 pack
- Iron Man: Heroes & Villains 4 pack

I talked about these with Batman and Iron Man doesn't miss a beat with Iron Man cosbaby's! These are cute and brilliant, you can start with one but I doubt you'll stop there.
- Iron Man The Movie Cosbabys

Again, like Batman for a good summary of Iron Man over the years and a cool little lead statuette you can get the Marvel Figurine Collection.

Iron Man doesn't have an extensive back catalogue of films and TV Series' to back up the film, but you can still find the Iron Man Ultimate Collection which includes both the 60s and 90s animated shows.

One last thing for those budding Tony Stark's out there, you want to be Iron Man, you've got to at least DRINK like Iron Man, or drink the Iron Man that is:

The Iron Man

Half shot of each of:
Green Chatreuse

Three dashes of hot sauce.

All into a shot glass. Drink. Survive.

Making An "Iron Man" Drink -- powered by ExpertVillage.com

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