Dredd Returning To Film

Rebellion and 2000AD have announced on their message board, that their longest running, most famed character Judge Joseph Dredd is returning to celluloid thanks to a partnership with DNA Films.

DNA Films, the movie production company behind such great sci-fi movies such as Sunshine and 28 Weeks Later, Judge Dredd will go into production in 2009.

Jason Kingsley, CEO and Creative Director said, ‘We can’t give away too many details at this point, but we’re looking forward to working with DNA Films to bring Judge Dredd back to the big screen.’

Dredd is a popular character who's been worked on by the greats of British comicdom, such as Garth Ennis, Mark Millar and Grant Morrison. Though the previous film left many with a bad taste in their mouths, be it because of Stallone's insistance on removing the helmet for much of the film, or Rob Schneider's...well, Rob Schneider. Hollywood seems awash with remakes and when it used to wait decades, now a remake can be turned around within 5 years.

The real question now lies with who shall wear the helm of the hard-hitting Judge?

My opinion, only one man for the job. An English actor, who can play American. Big, tough, athletic and of course a strong jawline. Jason Statham.

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