Wolverine: Origins

Just managed to catch a bootlegged copy of the trailer and damn, this film looks awesome. It is pretty much a wet dream for anyone who even drops a smirk at the term "bub". Let's see, we get to see the young master Howlett's Canadian origins, including the death of his father, the death of his beloved Silver Fox, his involvement in every modern war ever, including his time as a samurai. Then up to and including his journey through Weapon X including his feud with Sabretooth. This is where business picks up.

Wolverine vs Sabretooth
Wolverine vs Blob
Wolverine vs Gambit

Also throw in John Wraith, Agent Zero (Maverick) and Barnell Bohusk (Beak). With enough Deadpool and Gambit involvement that both have already been mentioned as spin offs (PLEASE GOD, PLEASE!).

*EDIT* Removed the sketchy youtube trailer and added the official trailer now it's been released, so click the jump to see it!


For the High-Def version of the trailer you have to head on over to Myspace and befriend X-menorigins.

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