Introducing...The Riddler?

Yes according to The Sun with a follow up piece in The Guardian apparently, from "Insider Sources", 80s superstar Eddie Murphy will be starring as The Riddler in the third Batman film entitled Gotham.

During the 80s and early 90s Murphy had a string of hits with films such as Beverly Hills cop, 48 Hours and Coming To America along with a successful stand up career and a span on Saturday Night Live. Unfortunately, thanks largely to an ego explosion, with attempts at making music and starring in a string of ever worsening films, such as Holy Man, Bowfinger, Daddy Day Care and most recently Meet Dave, Murphy has crashed at the box office, even after he managed to rekindle some success with his highly tauted performance in Dream Girls, where he won an Oscar nomination.

So, this story follows rumours that Rachel Weisz would play Catwoman and current Hollywood golden boy who starred in, well, everything in the last year, Shia Lebeouf could well sign up to play Robin.

My advice, take these with a handful of salt and don't believe anything until it's announced officially.

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