Embrace The Angel Of Death

When I'm asked to name my favourite comics whether they're from DC, Marvel, Wildstorm, Vertigo or Icon, they tend to have one thing in common. Ed. Brubaker.

Iron Fist, Captain America, Daredevil, Criminal, some of the best series from the last year, comics that have not only kept me gripped but I have confidence I could lend to anyone and they would love. Batman, Sleeper, Authority, Gotham Central all have been either created by, or perfected by Mr. Brubaker.

A man who manipulates crime fiction like Stephen Hawkings does time and space, Brubakers writing style is addictive and perfectly paced to keep you aching for more. Seriously, I could write about Brubakers work until my heart is a flutter, but the reason for this post is Brubakers new web series, Angel Of Death.

The webseries, exclusive to Crackle.com. Angel of Death is about an assassin that is haunted by her victims after a brush with death. To free her conscience she must destroy the criminals that originally hired her. Looks like, guns, blood and suspense. Ticks all my boxes. Starring Zoe Bell, Ted Raimi, Doug Jones and Xena Warri...sorry, Lucy Lawless!