May 2009

Make sure you keep that month free, book yourself a hospital bed, because you'll spending the rest of the year in hospital as your geek glands overdose. This month sees not one but TWO of the most anticipated, geeky movies ever. Watchmen and Star Trek.

I spoke about Watchmen in my last post, but now we have a new official trailer, this time giving us more of a glimpse into the plot of the film. Now, the first trailer...teaser, had me damn excited for Zach Snyders adaptation, this new trailer, well let's just say I had to have some personal alone time to watch this brilliance. The only part not quite hitting 11 on my radar so far is Rorschach's voice, they should've learnt from the limited criticism of the Dark Knight movie.

Watchmen official movie trailer.

Star Trek. Star Trek for me was tea time TV. I'd get home from school and grab some food and with nothing else on until Simpsons, I'd watch Star Trek: The Next Generation and I'd enjoy it, I enjoyed Voyager and I enjoyed Deep Space 9. That's it. I don't own any DVDs or anything like that, yet this film has me so excited. Star Trek is an institution, it's bigger than me, it's bigger than the fans and it transcends generations. The look and cast of this film is fantastic, Zachery Quinto as Spock? Inspired! Simon Pegg as Scotty, well now your touching geeky buttons that would make people blush. I don't care if you're a "trekkie" or not you should be excited for this film and embrace it like it's one of the family.

Star Trek trailer.

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