Watch The Watchmen

Watchmen, a masterpiece that changed the way we look at superheroes forever, a detailed artwork, that unfurls more of it's secrets upon subsequent reads and soon to be made into what so far appears to be one Hell of a film!

Despite tales that the ending may be changed, for better or worse, fans will always be divided when it comes to movie adaptations.

Personally my belief is enjoy the film in its own right. Hopefully, comic, Watchmen, fans will appreciate the adaptation and work gone into making such a film and that non-comic book fans will be inspired enough to check out the original material, other work by Moore, or maybe just delve into comics in general.

We've already seen this in some respects after the release of the initial trailer Watchmen sales went through the roof, with an estimated 1 million copies being sold this year, comparable with 100,000 last year.

I could talk about and link to posts about Watchmen all night, but I want to keep this short, I want to help be a part of this awesome momentum, so go check out these links, watch the footage and feel the excitement, whether you're a current comic book fan or not, this is going to be one Hell of a film!

Official Trailer
Brand New Footage

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Darren said...

I never usually watch these type of superhero/comic book films. I think I was put off buy watching "The Elephant Man" when I was a kid, being ugly is clearly not a super power....Most rubbish super hero ever!

This film looks awesome, will definitely be watching this on release.