BICS Sketches and Goodies

It's been a long weekend, my feet are sore, my legs ache, I've spent several hours driving with my Sat Nav woman chirping in my ear and I've spent my home time unpacking and sorting through all the sketches, things that I'd bought, cards, leaflets, badges and all sorts of things I was given. Yet I just couldn't wait to show off some of what I got over the weekend, there will be several posts of reviews and tales, but I thought I'd start with a few pictures of my sketches and goodies.


From the top left is an Identity Crisis, Deadshot figure and a Green Goblin Titanium Marvel Heroes figure. Under that from left to right is the DFC.co.uk kids comic, Robots from Accent UK, Phonogram from Image, signed by artist Jamie McKelvie, Ragamuffins and Dick Turpin from Time Bomb comics and then Tony Lee's Makosia comics, Hope Falls issues 1-5. Again from the left is Accent UK's The Wolfmen, Carol Roswell's Spider Cafe, The Adventures Of Ninja Bunny, by Philip Spence, with my pirate, ninja bunny figure just above that, The Shark Of Wisdom by the brilliant TOM McNally, B.ex issues 1-5 and The Elementals comics are both from a new company called Reaper comics with some great digital artwork, two Who Watches The Watchmen bookmarks and finally on the far right from 2000AD Bison.

These are the sketches I managed to get done during the weekend.


A little sketch and autograph from the fantastic Paul J Holden.


A sketch of the star of the title, on the inside cover, of Kid Eternity by the very funny, Duncan Fegrado.


I had to wait a while for this detailed sketch of DC's Zoom, but time flew by chatting to Phil Winslade and his wife, talking comics, music and cosplay!


This the first of three Wildstorm characters, Grifter drawn by Sean Philips, who also signed my copy of Sleeper and agreed with me that if Tom Cruise is to star in a movie version, he'd make a great Tao.


An excellent sketch of Midnighter by a man who is rapidly becoming one of my favourite artists, Lee Garbett. Wildstorm...keep a tight hold on this guy.


My last sketch of the post, was the last sketch of the con and one I very nearly didn't get done. I had to queue for over an hour and a half and the queue was cut off just a few people behind me, but this was well worth the wait! The brilliant Elijah Snow, by the ever so polite, patient and one of my favourite artists John Cassaday.

More posts to come, so stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Clearly I am not good enough at speaking my own name. It is written and pronounced 'Tom' McNally, not 'Tony.' I must practice saying my own name over and over so that these mistakes do not slip out again.

== Tom McNally

Lee Nygma said...

Whoops! My apologies and correction is imminent, that'll teach me to post over zealously, when I'm really over tired Lee.

Your comic is top of my to read pile.

Gemmar said...

How could you forget Tom's name?! He only wrote it on me twice!