Birmingham International Comic Show

Birmingham ThinkTank, this weekend. My first real Comic Con and I cannot wait. The closest I've come to a Comic Con was Manchester Collectomania a couple of years back which had about three artists I hadn't heard of at the time (meaing in my newbishness I missed meeting some guy called John McCrea?!) and involved me getting my photo taken with Face and Murdock from the A-Team and meeting Robert Englund outside before the show. This time it's just comics man. Comics.

I'm really looking forward to seeing some of my favourite writers and artists, trawling through back issue boxes (I still need Flex Mentallo 3/4!), chatting with like minded individuals and generally geeking out. Oh, and watching The Dark Knight in IMAX!

So I'm going to go through some of the main people I'm hoping to meet and get autographs from.

Charlie Adlard. I've enjoyed his work on one of the few 2000AD books I've managed to fit in my budget, Nikolai Dante. Though is perhaps most well known for the interior artwork on the best zombie piece outside of Romero's head, Image's The Walking Dead.

Doug Braithwaite. A breathtaking artist, who's work with Alex Ross has resulted in epic storylines for both Marvel in Universe X and DC in Justice. Personally I'm hoping to get my copy of Justice signed, though I have a large box set including issue 1 of Justice and action figures of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. Unfortunately it's just too big to take down to get signed.

Mark Buckingham. Writer of one of my favourite series, Fables. Taking all your favourite classic story characters, from the Big Bad Wolf to Pinocchio and Prince Charming and sticking them in our world while facing a war with their own homeland. Absolutely brilliant and yet filled with characters you thought you already knew.

John Cassaday. One of the few overseas creators at BICS, also happens to be one of the greatest artists working in comics. His Captain America was real, dignified and strong enough to make me wish I was American so I could get behind him even more. The Captain America shield you would see as you walk in my room, or the Captain America ring on my finger wouldn't mean as much had it not been for Cassadays timeless artwork. If he can do that to an icon, seeing him create original characters such as Elijah Snow, Jakita Wagner and The Drummer for Warren Ellis acclaimed series Planetary is even better.

Andy Diggle. A British writer and editor who brought back traditional values to 2000AD before conquering the States. Teaming with artist Jock (who I'm also looking forward to meeting at the show) on Vertigo series The Losers and then reinventing the origins of Oliver Queen in Green Arrow: Year One before moving onto bigger and better titles with Hellblazer and his first work for Marvel taking over from Warren Ellis on Thunderbolts. All of which I love and I'm hoping to get both Diggle and Jock to sign my copy of Green Arrow: Year One!

Duncan Fegredo. Currently working with Mike Mignola on Hellboy, I'm more familiar with his earlier work, particularly his team up with Grant Morrison to create the DC/Vertigo title Kid Eternity.

Lee Garbett. There are very few comics I actually get, I much prefer trades. I've been collected much of the event stuff from DC for Final Crisis, but, also being a huge fan of Wildstorm, I collect Midnighter and DC/Wildtsorm crossover, Dream War. Thanks to Mr. Garbett, the artwork to both of these books is fantastic.

Dave Gibbons. Watchmen. The epic, opus of the comic book world and the man tasked with bringing Alan Moore's world to the printed page, Dave Gibbons. What more can you say? Well he's also currently working on one of DC's most successful current ongoing series Green Lantern Corps, especially coming off the back of the excellent Sinestro Corps War.

Sean Philips. I love Wildstorm, I've said that before and Sean Philips has tackled some of my favourite Wildstorm stuff with the WildC.A.T.S and the just picked up to be made into a film, Sleeper with Ed Brubaker. Continuing his work with Ed Brubaker is the creator owned Criminal series and the series I'm most looking forward to Incognito, a twisted mash of noir and supervillains.

PJ Holden. Artist on Judge Dredd the innovative iPhone comic Murderdrome.

David Lloyd. Art on V For Vendetta.

Leah Moore. Daugter of Alan Moore and wife of John Reppion whom she worked with both on Albion for Wildstorm.

Liam Sharp. Derby artist currently doing the Gears of War comic adaptation.

John Watson. Excellent painter who did the Civil War and Hulk Frontline covers.

Chris Weston. The Twelve, The Filth.

Phil Winslade. Flash: Blitz.

Well, I have some packing to finish up and hopefully my next post will include many more images, including photos of my time at the con. Hope to see you there!

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Gemmar said...

Kinda glad Gail Simone isn't gonna be there. I'll probs make a fool of myself offering to lick her boots. I'm so pathetic :/