The Nightly News

This is one of the best thing I have read all year and I have read ALOT this year. This is less a comic and more an experience, right from the get go the way you're addressed, the style and form of the art is completely different to your standard four colour panels.

The good guys, aren't good and are mostly getting what they deserve, the bad guys are a cult who actually talk a lot of sense. The aim is to take down the media, make the super powers sweat and bring some truth to the people.

The key to a great story is to make you think, to inspire you and to do it all while making you say "cool". Nightly News most definately fits that criteria and is a perfect study for anyone from teen neo-anarchists to the more jaded and cynical amongst you.

After reading this I wanted to do something different, something I'd never done before, so I emailed Jonathan Hickman just to say thanks and it's good to say he replied and reciprocated.

So have a look for yourself, take in the artwork and the envigorating, refreshing style with the first few pages.

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