Want To Win An Awesome Prize?!

Hell yeah you do! You know what, so do I, so get in line! My good friends over at Major Spoilers are running a fantastic costume competition with a chance to win Hellboy Animated Maquette, and the Library edition of the first volume of Hellboy!

It's simple to enter, just dress up in your favourite comic book costume, snap some pictures, include a picture of yourself in your normal clothes and fire off an email to: contest@majorspoilers.com

Just get that done by October 21st and you could be a winner!

When you've done your excellent photos feel free to email them to me at leenygma@googlemail.com and I'll post them up for the world to see the spectacular effort you've made!

On or around October 21, 2008, the Major Spoilers crew will narrow down the entries to the top 5 (oh please let there be five entries), and post those entrants on this site. Then, we’ll let the readers decide who should walk away with the grand prize, which will be announced on October 31, 2008.

This is an American site, but open to anyone, though if you win you will be responsible for any import taxes shipping over seas may endure.

Link: http://www.majorspoilers.com/archives/7097.htm/

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